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Connect2 teams up with Mitzvah Man volunteers to coordinate Mishloach Manot deliveries


Connect2 is honored and overjoyed to have been able to team up with Mitzvah Man volunteers to coordinate Mishloach Manot deliveries to over 80 Holocaust survivors we cant wait to share more  pictures of beaming survivors with their special Purim treat!  Thank you to ALL our volunteers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Brooklyn News12 accompanies Connect2 volunteer Amanda Guttman to a visit with survivors Mr. And Mrs. Ranz


"As Director of Connect2, I had the privilege of accompanying, Connect2 volunteer, Amanda Guttman on a visit to two of our survivors, Mr and Mrs. Jon and Blanche Ranz. Brooklyn News12 was there to record this visit. This is just a glimpse, and just one example of how valuable and mutually beneficial the survivor /volunteer visits and relationships really are"

Survivor , Hymie Steinmetz speaking at the New School College 7/27/2011


One of our clients, survivor Hymie Steinmetz, spoke at the New School in NYC at a seminar given on holocaust literature . The professor, Shamar Hill, is a volunteer of our Connect2 visiting program as well.

Connect2 Purim Group

To bring in the Purim spirit we hosted a intimate lunch and group session for some of our holocaust survivors.
After a very tasty lunch from the Surf Solomon senior center, our intern,Talia Fischer , provided a seminar on Purim.
At the seminar Talia re-told the story of Purim and our survivors added their reminisced about how they spent Purim in Europe before the war.
Yiddish "Purim Shpeil " were  performed and songs were sung by the group, and a great time was had by all.

Connect2 client Felix Fibich, the 86-year-old Yiddish dance star


 Felix Fibich escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto before the Nazis began rounding up people to send to the camps. His entire family was murdered at Aushwitz. Felix fled to Soviet Russia and went on to become an internationally famous dancer and actor in the Yiddish Theatre. Here he is at the age of 84 teaching a dance class in 2007 titled "Meeting with Our Masters: Felix Fibich." He lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

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