Connect2 Chanukah/Birthday Gathering


 Saving the best for last.........Connect2's Chanukah bash. What a wonderful way to celebrate the very last day of Chanukah! 

Our special survivors always make for uplifting, inspirational, and fun holiday celebrations. 

The program included live musical entertainment, traditional Chanukah foods (yes latkes and donuts as well!), Chanukah gifts for all our survivors, and party games. 

Thanks so much to our special volunteers and program interns for coming on their days off to help out...they are the true "lights of Chanukah". 

As Rabbi Weiner, Executive Director of the JCC of Greater Coney Island addressed us in saying " It is permissible to take light from one candle to light another (on the menorah) because it creates more light; Similarly, volunteering and giving of yourself to help others does not diminish your own personal light / life, it rather creates more light and strength in your life and in the life of others."


Photos from this even can be seen on our facebook page at!/media/set/?set=a.10150481178542156.383339.170491697155&type=1


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