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Connect2: Providing Crucial Lifelines to NYC Holocaust Survivors




Weekly Visits Provide Socialization, Sense of Community and, Often, Life Saving Services

Donate Your Time Volunteer Fair


 The Jewish Community Council  of Greater Coney Island’s , Connect2 :Friendly visiting for Holocaust survivors program had the privilege of bringing in the Jewish New Year this year,  with five other Jewish organizations  in collaboration for a good cause, at the  “Donate Your Time” volunteer event in NYC on  the evening of September 20,2016.


Connect2 Summer Social 2016


 Connect2 Brings in Shavuous 2016 in Style :
 JCC of Greater Coney Island’s Connect2 program is so grateful to Assemblyman Dov Hikind for helping the Holocaust survivors combat social isolation and bring in the Shavuout Holiday with Simcha (happiness) and hope.

The center was decorated with beautiful floral decorations and flowers in honor of the Shavuout holiday. We danced and sang together to beautiful live music. However, Assemblyman Hikind’s visit was an extra “shot of adrenaline” needed for these survivors to feel validated and remembered in a real way.
As a son of an Auschwitz survivor , Dov Hikind assured the group that he came to see all of them and tell them that, “yes, our people are not having it easy in Israel or around the world at this time, but we are still strong and amazing.”

May his mother’s neshama (soul) be extra uplifted today on her Yartzeit

Click here to view pictures from this event.

Connect2: New Year's Bash 2015


Connect2 brought in the new year with its special members, namely the Holocaust survivors and wonderful volunteers , at Jay Harama Senior Center this Sunday.



Are we "worthy of our suffering"? What Viktor Frankl meant 70 years ago and even today: The relevant lessons of the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz and the Holocaust

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